Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pinoy 8 Popular Parlor Games

Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, fiesta, Christmas day and New Year's eve, Filipinos are fond of parlor games for young and adult alike. The most popular among these are:

1. Hitting the pot
A clay pot is filled with coins, candies, flour and colorful paper trimmings and hit by a blindfolded participant who made at least 2 turns before going to the hanging pot. When he hit the pot, he will get a gift or cash.

2. Sack Race
Inside a rice sack, participants will run toward a predetermined finish line. The one who crosses first wins a prize. 

3. Rolling down the coin
A one peso coil is put on the forehead on each participant. One has to move his facial muscle so that the coin can move downward until it reaches the mouth. The participant whose coin reaches his mouth wins a prize.

4. Soda/Beer drinking
Participants are given a bottle of soda or beer to consume at the fastest time possible. The one who drinks all the content without spilling out some wins the prize.

5. Palosebo
A bamboo pole is greased with lard or oil and erected on the ground. At the end of the pole is a flag which contains cash. Whoever reaches the top and gets the flag wins the prize.

6. Polvoron eating
Two or more polvoron (sweetened & flavored roasted flour) are given to each contestant to eat. After consuming, he has to whistle. The one who eats all and whistles first, wins the prize.

7. Agawan ng buko (Grabbing the coconut)
Coins are embedded on a green coconut (buko) and then greases with lard or oil. Afterwards it will be rolled down on the ground away from the participants. Whoever grabs it and brings back to the starting line wins the prize.

8. Mukhasim
The contestant who has the most "sour" face wins the prize.

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