Monday, January 23, 2012

8 Half-Filipino Male Celebrities - Cut or Not?

Carlos Agassi  (Amir Carlos Damaso Vahidi Agassi) Filipino-Iranian

The Philippine entertainment industry including sports and modelling are saturated with half-Filipino male and female celebrities.

Patrick Garcia (Franz Patrick Velasco Garcia) Filipino-Spanish

With their good looks, they easily entered the world of showbiz. modelling and sports arena.

Andrew Wolff (Andrew James Penaflorida Wolff) Filipino-British

With regard to half-Pinoy male celebrities, since most of them are born overseas, I am wondering if all of them had undergone the "initiation to manhood" which most native Filipinos underwent before they reached high school.

Gerald Anderson (Gerald Randolph Opsima Anderson Jr.) Filipino-American

Circumcision or "tuli" might not be  as important in the lands where they were born. In the Philippines, it is a big deal. Pagpapatuli had its cultural and religious reference in Philippine history.

Jake Cuenca (Juan Carlos Leveriza Cuenca) Filipino-Spanish

Filipinos going to adulthood are mocked and teased if they foreskin are still intact when they are already  in high school. They are oftentimes called as "supot".

Jon Avila (Jonathan Mullaly) Filipino-British

It this reason that Pinoy adolescent has to go through this ritual either by the   "pukpok" method or by a licensed doctor. Nowadays, most go to the doctors to have their foreskin slit or cut.

Phil Younghusband (Phillip James Placer Younghusband) Filipino-British

Spread in this post are 8 of the most hot half-Filipino male celebrities. Who among them are "cut" or not?

Sam Milby (Samuel Lloyd Lacia Milby) Filipino-American

I do not know how the Filipina fans will take the fact that their idols might have an unpeeled banana.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 Rules to a Better Life

I came across these 8 rules to a better life on my Facebook wall. It was shared by a friend but I do not know who really made it. Whoever is the author of these 8 rules, my acknowledgment:

1. Never hate

2. Don't worry

3. Live simply

4. Expect a little

5. Give a lot

6. Always smile

7. Live a love

8. Best of all, be with God

Follow the above rules and you may have a happier and better life.